Teapots / Cutlery

We have a full range of Budget and Quality cutlery available, stocking Plain, Satin, Kings, Bead, Harley , together with?Oniedas Balmoral pattern.We also have many other cutlery patterns available and also Steak knives with wood handles, Black Handles or?all Stainless Steel.

Full ranges of Stainless Steel Tea and Coffee Pots from a one cup to a fifteen cup, along with Jugs, Sugar Bowls etc: All sizes of?Oval Flats & Vegetable/Serving Dishes, Gravy Boats?and Trays.

We also stock 8 and 10 pint Aluminium Tea Pots

Cutlery / Tea Pots price examples:

Budget Table Knives -?2.75 dozen
Budget Table Forks - ?1.75 dozen

Harley?Table Knives - ?5.95 dozen

32oz Tea Pot (4 cup) - ?2.75

For more information, or if you require a quote?please use our online enquiry form.