Bar Glasses Information

We keep a large range of bar glasses from beer and wine glasses to fruit juice and spirit?glasses in stock along with soft drink and water?glasses? manufacturered by Arc , Pasabache, Libbey , Duralex and Artis glass.Both goverment stamped and plain glassware is available in either normal glass, toughened glass or crystal cut glass along with many more catering lines such as glass jugs,ashtrays and glass ice cream sundae dishes

Bar equipment is well catered for as we stock a various range of Optics in all sizes together with different sizes of optic brackets to fit for both wall fitting? and free standing rotary stands, thimble measures and pourers. We have many other bar sundries from ice buckets and straws to bottle skips? and beer pipe cleaning fluid as well as dish and glasswashing detergent?.

We would be pleased to quote you for a supply of Bar Glasses?or Equipment for local delivery

Bar Glass & Sundries?price examples:

25ml &50 ml Optics?- ?2.50
5 litre Pumpclean - ?3.95
3 Glass?Brush?Washer - ?9.95

10oz Hiball glasses Gov stamped - ?12.50 case of 4 doz

For more information about purchasing Bar Glasses from us, please use our online enquiry form.